2020 Study Group hosted by the American Clinic Tokyo

Educational program for Healthcare workers in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Our 2020 Study Group is in training to serve the visitors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We train individuals with the skills needed to help the English speaking community. We select candidates through our screening process. Please send in your resume/CV to be enrolled in the program. Please send in your resume/CV if you would like to participate (details can be found below). Sessions start when qualified individuals enroll.

★★★    Operations Coordinator/Leader    6

★★        Daily Operations   25

★              Entry Level    23

Nurses, physicians, psychologists, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, receptionists, medical translators, medical students, and other healthcare workers may apply. Candidates must be able to communicate in English and Japanese. This program is addressed to non-native English speakers, but native speakers may ask by accepting leadership roles within your group. Candidates must be committed to serving the international community.

We will award a token of achievement to participants who have completed the requirements. It is intended to identify the wearer as someone who has gained specific skills and knowledge at the American Clinic Tokyo. Limited to only 💯 pins made. We have already issued 74 of 100. Twenty-six remain to be released. So, please consider joining our study group.

We look forward to your participation.

IMPORTANT: All candidates must send CV to mikasa@americanclinictokyo.com

Emails addressed otherwise may not be answered.