The American Clinic Tokyo is a private medical institution, founded in 1954 by Dr. Frederick I. Shane. The clinic has served the English-speaking community in Japan for 70 years. The clinic’s commitment to quality care continues under the leadership of Dr. Grant Mikasa, who took over as Medical Director in 2013.


Dr. Grant Mikasa is an American citizen with expertise in General Medicine. He is the Medical Director of the American Clinic Tokyo where General Medicine is integrated with Psychiatry to provide better health outcomes. More information on Dr. Mikasa can be found on LinkedIn.

Dr. Natsuko Shibagaki is a native English speaker who attended Yokohama International School, the University of Pennsylvania, and Tokai University Medical School. She specializes in Internal Medicine (Diabetes and Endocrinology).  FRI


Dr. Andrew Kissane is a UK-trained, British, native English-speaking psychiatrist. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is on the Specialist Register with the General Medical Council. He holds a medical license to practice in both UK and Japan. Dr. Kissane provides Psychiatry at the American Clinic Tokyo. MON, THU, FRI LinkedIn 


Dr. Lena Akai is a Psychologist and a specialist in respiration. She graduated from Harvard University and received her Ph.D. from Showa University School of Medicine. She offers Evidence-Based Breathing Exercises and provides individualized advice on lifestyle modifications. She is a Certified Health Coach (American Council on Exercise).TUE, WED